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Product Feed Management tools you should know in 2022

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

A Product feed management can be very usefull when you have a lot of SKUs to manage daily.

These tools are important for businesses because they showcase the authenticity of the brand through product advertisements in relation to color, size, name, title, product amount, and more. Every business can customize the feed to their needs and preferences by adding specific details on the backend.

“These are the best product feed tools that you should be using if you want to boost productivity, save money and time, and enhance sales.”

Product feed tools are where e-commerce businesses store information about their products. When you have all the information you need in one place, it’s then super easy to export it to other platforms, such as the marketplaces where users will buy your products.

In this sense, product feed tools help to support marketers and merchants with innovations that store data and present it in a practical way.

Because online shopping has become so popular, e-commerce businesses have taken advantage of this global audience, and with that, there has been an exponential growth in the development of product feed tools.

1- Feeditor

Any shop owner who wants to fully optimize their product feed and upload it to platforms like Facebook Catalog Microsoft Merchant, Amazon, and Google Merchant Center should look into Feeditor, powered by Adcore. Feeditor can instantly create a product feed and upload it to any channel. Instead of static files, Feeditor will generate dynamic URLs of your product lists and make sure your ads are up to date and in sync with your inventory. What’s great about Feeditor is that you can sign for a free trial period before fully committing to the software, and you’ll only be charged based on the number automated task you use.

2- Channable

3- Data Feed Watch

4- Feed Optimise

5- Go Data Feed

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