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Tailor-Made Solutions

We offer tailor-made solutions to solve your international expansion problems. From products manfacturing to selling to direct customers in Europe and America. We guide you to become a professional of Ecommerce in 3 months.

Professional Mentors

Work with people who are doing what they teach you. Lanshu Ecommerce own a profiatble business in europe and is one of the leader on Marketplace selling. We have created more than 90 international Brands and most of them are bestsellers in Europe and America.

Lanshu Ecommerce, Your Guide to Cross Border eBusiness.

The destination of leaders who seek to expand their business worldwide.

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Why Choosing To Work With Us?

We provide an All-In-One solution to our customers, 

We work with top professionals around the world,

We are ourself an ecommerce business, we practice what we teach, and we are the best at doing it.

We offer extrem flexible and affordable pricing.

You name it , we solve it!

How to make products that will be accepted in Europe and America. How to pack your products according to international regulations. How to register a tax number to make your business legal in Europe or America. How to register a store on the best marketplaces in Europe and America. What professional tools to use and How to use them to optimize your online presence. How to build and protect your international brand?

About Lanshu Ecommerce

Lanshu ecommerce was born from an observation on the evolution of the supply and demand market. Practicing e-commerce since 2015, our founder, Mr. Joseph FEUSSI, had observed that Chinese producers were increasingly showing their desire to make a transition from traditional commerce to retail electronic commerce via marketplace solutions in order to be able to offer their products directly. to European and American consumers without intermediaries.

B2B solutions such as Alibaba are outdated, Ali express offers products to a limited clientele and it is impossible for producers to generate a good margin on the sale of their products without talking about bad traffic and bad reputation.

It is clear that producers now need to work directly with the most reputable marketplaces such as Amazon, Bol, Cdiscount, Fnac, Darty, Best Buy, Boulanger, Conforama, ManoMano, Decathlon, ePrice, Gosport, Kaufland, MediaMarkt, Rue Du Commerce, Ubaldi, Worten, Emag and others. These marketplaces offer the opportunity for producers to sell their products directly to high-quality customers who trust the marketplace.

But it is difficult for non-European producers to be able to work with these marketplaces, because of many compliance and legal concerns. Lanshu Ecommerce was therefore born to help non-European producers solve these problems. We support you in your transition process to retail e-commerce in Europe and America.

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You don't have to start from scratch and make the same mistakes we made when we first started.

Our e-commerce experience in Europe and America will help you take giant steps. It's an opportunity that we would have liked to have had when we started. Today we offer you this opportunity.

Selling your products in Europe and America on the best marketplaces has never been easier. With our solutions, you will be a real pro in just a few months.


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"Success is not final, and failure is not fatal: what counts is the courage to keep going."

Winston Churchill

What are they saying about us?


We have helped more than 100 customers to expend to Europe

Portrait of an Asian florist

Sofia ZHOU

Forming a company in France as a Non-resident and non-european is very complexe, all the banks we contacted for the capital deposit have rejeted our applications, Thanks to Lanshu Ecommerce, we have finally solved the issue of capital deposit and the company was created.

Asian male tailor working on a jacket

Andy XU

It was difficul for me to imagine selling in europe, but thanks to Lanshu Ecommerce, We are now selling on 6 marketplaces in Europe and our turnover is 7 time higher than when we were selling on Aliexpress.

Stacking Up Tyres on Rack


​Our business was successfully established in Germany within 2 months, and we got 3 store on different German marketplaces as German company. I'm really grateful for all your support.

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